J Wickham Consulting

At J Wickham Consulting, our only goal is to help our clients create the greatest profit in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of risk and capital.

Tailored Solutions

Clear Direction

J Wickham Consulting works with our clients to create personalized strategic plans that build sustainable success, allowing business to operate more effectively and profitably.

We begin by looking at how your business is run and the goals you have. We examine how the current processes work together and how they can be improved to ensure that your business runs effectively. We create a strategic plan to increase your profitability by creating momentum, from within your organization, that exceeds your expectations.

We understand that your business has a unique culture and vision that requires an individually designed solution. J Wickham Consulting works to bring out the best in your business with a personalized profitability plan, designed to strengthen your operations and bring your core values to the forefront.

J Wickham Consulting is passionate about achieving better results for our clients by working with your top executives, empowering them in the decision making process. We work together to create an enduring action plan that align your people and processes to go beyond your company’s financial objectives.

Proven Expertise


Leadership that rings true

We bring over 25 years of consulting experience, tailored to specifically meet the needs of each client. We address the most critical issues within a business: strategy, marketing, organizational leadership, operations and funding.



Strategic Planning

Understanding Business Model
Analyzing Value Proposition
Implementing Financial Strategy

Business Planning

Charting the Course for Change
Accelerated Business Plan
Creating a Financial Model

Commercial Funding

Raising Capital
Negotiating Funding
Mergers and Acquisitions

Process Improvement

Mapping the Current Process
Create Value Added Steps
Changing Systems, Training People

Outsourced Management

Start-up Company Leadership
Turnaround Leadership
Crisis Management

Executive Coaching

Development of Roles
Technical Strategy Development
Greater Personal Effectiveness

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